One of the biggest benefits of XP360 is the ability to embed your engaging and informative experiences into your website - this is why we have made the process incredibly simple. In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to embed your experiences directly into your website.

If you would like to skip the basics of how to obtain and edit your iFrame embed code & just learn how to embed your code into many of the popular web platforms, choose your platform for the specialized tutorial.

Step 1

Once logged into XP360, you will be brought to your "Manage Spheres" page - if you are somewhere else, choose "Manage Spheres" from your side menu.

Go to your "Manage Spheres" page in XP360

Step 2

Once you are in your "Manage Spheres" page, find the sphere you are interested in embedding into your website (below the map), and click the "Embed" link.

From your sphere manager, click the "embed" link for the sphere you want in your site

Step 3

This will bring up your embed code that you can paste into your website. You can either select all of the text and manually copy it, or you can click the blue "Copy Embed Code" button and the code will automatically be saved to your clipboard.

You can manually copy your code, or click the button to have it automatically added to your clipboard

Step 4

Now you can paste the code from your clipboard directly into your website. All of the code you need is included, and the only thing you would need to change is the size of the embedded sphere in your website. When you paste the code into your website, you will see there is a width and a height number. This is what controls the size of your sphere in your website. The numbers represent height and width in pixels - if you know the specific size you want, you are free to change these. You may also change the width to a percentage - for instance, if you would like the sphere to take up the whole width of the page, change it to: height="100%".

This is where you can specify the height and width of your sphere in your website

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