All uses of AerialSphere imagery must expressly acknowledge AerialSphere or XP360 in a reasonably prominent manner (by display of a logo or other appropriate attribution), as the source of any imagery that you use, copy, modify or distribute. Unless otherwise permitted in writing, you must not remove any AerialSphere or XP360 logo, watermark or other AerialSphere/XP360 attribution in any imagery.

Use Provided Tools
Attribution information will appear automatically when using XP360 tools, such as SnapshotHD in the API and web applications. Please use these methods whenever possible.

Keep the Attributions Close to the Imagery
If you are using captures of our imagery outside of our XP360 tools, please include the standard attribution as it appears in the image and locate it as close to the image as possible.

Our watermarked imagery may be used for any purposes. Do not remove any portion of our watermark when using unlicensed imagery.

Use of AerialSphere or XP360 Logos
If you plan to use one of our logos in your attribution, make sure you are using the logo correctly. Please refer to our logo use guidelines before using it.

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